Whatcom Action Coalition

Who We Are:

The Whatcom Action Coalition serves to catalyze and empower the community of Whatcom county to engage in social action to take charge over issues that affect the health and well being of ourselves, our neighbors, and our ecosystems. WAC is a network of concerned citizens and local organizations working at a grassroots level to take action to demonstrate the power our community controls to shape a positive and just future.

Current Goals:

Our current goal is to stop the creation of the Gateway Pacific Coal Terminal and thus avoid the many horrible effects it, and the many trains that would go to and from it, will have on our community and surrounding environment. This will also help keep our community focused on re-localization, both economically and politically, thereby aiding us in becoming self reliant. 

The Social Networks:

Follow us on Twitter at: NOCOALwhatcom
Find our page on Facebook at: http://tinyurl.com/facebook-WAC